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$3 of every sale goes to Institute for Better Education Foundation! Learn More

We love to learn while having fun.

We love technology and art. We love to explore. We don’t care much for air travel and found a better way!

What better way to learn, explore, travel and HAVE FUN than being teleported from place to place through magic portals? And you aren’t limited to two carry-ons!


We continue to improve the magic portal experience by opening new portals to other destinations. And we’re working on more educational content and fun ways to engage with it, in order to improve understanding and retention.


If there’s anything we can do to make your trip more comfortable or enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We're excited to announce a community-focused collaboration between Magic Portal Books and IBE Foundation arm of the Institute for Better Education!

Magic Portal Books will donate $3 for every book sold online to IBE, a nonprofit committed to providing education essentials to low-income Arizona families. All children deserve learning tools and educational support. Your next interactive Magic Portal Book experience will open more than just a world of virtual reality—it will open doors to education and opportunity. Join us in turning the page to a brighter future!

Illustration of cactus and a lizard
Illustration of bunny and plants

"Sedona's Quest is an amazing children's book that not only entertains but also educates. My kids loved the story of the quail trying to reach Slide Rock and the VR experiences made learning about Sedona's history and landscape so much fun. Highly recommend!"

Drew S. Father of 5

"As a mother, I am always looking for educational and fun books for my children. Sherman, A Tucson Tortoise is the perfect combination of both. My kids loved following Sherman's journey and learning about the different animals in the desert. The VR experiences were a great addition and made the learning experience even more exciting. Highly recommend!"

- Anne M. Mom of 3

"Sherman, A Tucson Tortoise is a must-read for children! My daughter was captivated by the story and loved the illustrations. The best part was the VR experiences that allowed her to explore the desert and learn about the different animals in a unique way. I appreciate the educational aspect of the book, while still being entertaining for kids."

- Cera G. Mom of 1

Our amazing Magic Portal Crew

Riyon Harding | Magic Portal Fleet Commander

Ash Kamel | Magic Portal Architect: graphic designer/animator

Alex Young Head of Magic Portal Operations: AWE.Media support

Pam Cheney | Magic Portal Launch Director: Website designer 

Rob Williams | Magic Portal Air Traffic Controller: Navigator

Reya Harding | Magic Portal First Officer: aka the dog

Tagline Media | Magic Portal Marketing Team


Karen Dockrey | Content editor

Sue Williams - Fact checker | Content and Copy editor

Becky Ross Michael | Copy editor

Abbott Animation | Sherman 3D model and animation

Our Team

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