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Magic Portal Books

Books kids can really get into

Join Sherman and his friends in Tucson, Arizona.

Just enter the magic portal using a smartphone or tablet.
You can even keep your shoes on, or not.

How it works

Ready to travel in style AND in the comfort of your own home? Then take your next trip with us. The Magic Portal Books offer a chance to easily explore and learn about new places, or you can experience old places in brand new ways.

Travel Tips!

Charged up

Check your battery life. The more juice, the better the experience.

Extra leg room

Limit the number of apps or browser tabs open in the background.

High Speed

Have a good internet connection.

Dim cabin lights

Avoid glare on the pages.

Need assistance?

Just press this icon on your device screen for help. (coming soon)


In case of emergency, close the browser tab and start over.


Why aren’t all books this way?

Beth M. new Grandma

This is a fantastic tool for kids with autism. Bravo!

Andrea J. Early education specialist

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