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How it works

Are you ready to experience a book like you never have before? Magic Portal Books has developed first-of-its-kind virtual reality, EdTech books!

Magic Portal Books offer a chance to easily explore and learn about new places, or you can experience old places in brand new ways.

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Have the Best User Experience!

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Charged up

Check your battery life. The more juice, the better the experience.

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Extra leg room

Limit the number of apps or browser tabs open in the background.

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High Speed

Have a good internet connection.

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Dim cabin lights

Avoid glare on the pages.

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Need assistance?

Just press this icon on your device screen for help.

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In case of emergency, close the browser tab and start over.


  • No. In fact do NOT use a QR code scanner app or the experience may not work at all. Just open your camera or open your browser and type in the url address as shown in the inside cover of the book.

    • Android devices equivalent to a Google Pixel or better running recent versions of Android operating systems. 

    • iPhones equivalent to 6S or better running Safari. iPhones using Chrome are also supported as of iOS 14. 

    • iPads that are running on iOS 11 or better.

    • Microsoft Edge and IE are not supported because they do not yet support required web standards for AR.

  • The experience is designed to trigger on recognizing the major image, be it a character or two characters near each other. Generally hold the device 6 - 10 inches from the book and hold steady to scan.

  • No, you can VIEW the experience in landscape mode but scanning must be done in portrait mode.

  • Ensure there is no glare on the page AND that there are not multiple tabs open in your browser for the same experience.

  • It is best to reload the page to refresh the settings. If that doesn't work then we recommend closing out the browser tab and scanning the code again, then go back to that page.

  • For Android systems go to settings> security and privacy > privacy > Permission Manager > 

    For Safari: close the app and restart Safari

  • We have packed a LOT into this experience so your device’s processor and memory capabilities may have a hard time keeping up after a while. Be sure your device is well charged and there are no other apps or browser tabs running. If you are still experiencing that issue, we recommend rebooting your device and clearing cache from your browser history for the past hour. Then scan the code again to resume the experience from your desired page.

  • This experience is reliant on the processing and memory power of your device. The content server is streaming content over the internet to your device for display and your device is sending orientation and camera information back to the server. For some devices this can be a heavy processing load and the device may heat up. Simply close out the experience and let your device cool down. Then pick it back up where you left off.

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