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Whether you are a teacher who wants to enrich the lives of your students in a fun and innovative way, or you are a parent, grandparent, or friend who loves giving educational and engaging gifts, Magic Portal Books are for you!

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"Sherman, A Tucson Tortoise is an adorable and educational book for kids. It was refreshing to see a story that teaches children about the desert and its inhabitants. The VR experiences were a hit with my son and he loved learning about the different animals. Highly recommend this book for any parent looking to expand their child's knowledge while still keeping them entertained."

Amy L. Mom of 2

"I used Magic Portal Books' children's book in my STEM class and the kids absolutely loved it! The interactive content was engaging and the safe educational material made it easy to incorporate into my lesson plans."

Ms. Grace, 3-5 grade Math teacher

"Magic Portal Books' children's book was a hit with my students! They loved the interactive elements and I appreciated the safe educational content. I would definitely recommend this book to any teacher looking to incorporate STEM into their lesson plans."

Mr. Washington, 7-8 History teacher

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