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Magic Portal Books

Books kids can really get into

Welcome to Magic Portal Books!

Each Magic Portal Book contains a unique magic portal. Enter the portal from any page of the book using a smartphone or tablet.
Try me!

All you need is a Magic Portal Book, a smartphone or tablet, and a little curiosity. We’ll supply the magic and tour guides.

Enter the magic portal from each picture with your smartphone or tablet to be magically teleported. You’ll see and experience places as if you were really there. Our adorable companions will be your guides.  We think you’ll agree, it’s better than air travel. And we promise, you won’t be limited to 3 oz bottles of liquids.


You don’t need a passport to go on our adventures... but you do need a book!

Every journey starts with a first step, and this is ours. We plan to add magic portals in more locations very soon. Next stop, Sedona, Arizona.


I knew the grandkids would figure out the magic portal and show me how to use it. I think it was a great gift and they are asking for more Magic Portal books.

- Glenna R. Grandma of 5

I have never seen anything so amazing from a picture book. It takes learning to a whole new level and accommodates so many different learning styles. I can see many books having this capability one day.

- Amanda S. 6-8 grade Spanish teacher.

I’ve never seen my kids THIS excited about reading. Thank you!

- Sarah G. Mom of 3

If you’re local and like to support local businesses, you can find our Sherman, a Tucson Tortoise, magic portal book at any of these locations:

How to Magically Teleport


Open the camera app on your device and point it at the QR code on the book. For priority boarding, click the web link. If you have an older device just type the URL shown in your book into a browser tab. Then, click the magic portal button stating “Take me to…”


You’ll be asked to allow access to the camera. This is so the program can recognize what picture you’re scanning and to make sure you’re boarded on the correct magic portal. Point your device at the first story picture to get started. Welcome aboard!


Once the scene loads from the recognized picture, you are free to move about the scene. New friends will be there to point out all the interesting places and facts. To enter the next portal, just hit the “back to scan” button and point your camera at the characters on the next page.

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