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$3 of every sale goes to Institute for Better Education Foundation! Learn More

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Magic Portal Books combines virtual reality and your cell phone or tablet to teleport you along an educational journey!

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Magic Portal Books!

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If you want to discover a first-of-its-kind educational technology (EdTech) book, you are in the right place. Don't worry, you don't need those clunky virtual reality goggles. You only need a cell phone or tablet.

- Take your children or students on a virtual field trip to explore Tucson or Sedona, Arizona.

- Increase children's technological literacy with EdTech books from Magic Portal Books.

- Empower readers to learn about landscapes and fun facts different than where they live.

Welcome to Magic Portal Books!

$3 will be donated to the Institute for Better Education for every book sold online!

Look no further for the perfect EdTech gift for your child or your students! 

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FREE Shipping with the purchase of 2 or more books!

Magic Portal destinations include Tucson and Sedona, Arizona. Subscribe to be notified of new destinations.

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Book the author Riyon Harding for a live reading and signing event.

Store Locations

Shop local to support local businesses. Find Magic Portal’s EdTech books at these Tucson, Arizona locations.

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"We live in Tucson during the Winter months, and picked up the Sherman book on our last trip for our grandkids. They have never had the chance to visit us in Tucson, so the absolutely love getting to see what the desert looks like!"

- Glenna R.

"I have never seen anything so amazing from a picture book. It takes learning to a whole new level and accommodates so many different learning styles."

- Amanda S.

"I got both books for my 6- and 9-year-old girls and they both loved these! "Sedona's Quest" is their favorite! Sedona is one of their favorite places to visit, now they can visit it whenever they want."

- Sarah G.

"My 8-year-old son couldn’t wait to show his friends"

- Crystal K.

"I purchased a book for my five-year-old and two-year-old grandsons. I just received this text message from my daughter: We read "Sherman, a Tucson Tortoise" last night. They loved it! They were hanging on every word and laughing! The book mentions Mount Lemmon, so now I can add things like "Mount Lemmon, where Mama learned how to go camping as a little girl."

- Patty U.

Can you please sign a copy for my son?  He borrowed "Sherman, a Tucson Tortoise" from a friend and loved it. I just had to get him one.

- Brice O.

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